By Cian Maher 07 August 2019. Serena turns you into a vampire and cures werewolf, and aela turns you into a werewolf and cures vampirism. Curing vampirism is a … You only call on the power when you want it and it can be cured easily later in the game. Being a werewolf in Skyrim however has quite a bit more benefits than in previous games, with few weaknesses. After joining The Companions and continuing through their quest, the Dragonborn will join the Circle. How To Become A Werewolf 1. There is really no negative effect on just becoming a werewolf through the companions. Follow Skjor to the Underforge and drink the blood of Aela the Huntress. Since werewolf doesn't start as a disease in Skyrim like it does in previous games, the only way to become one is by the Companions questline. If you want to roleplay it, you can imagine that you're a werewolf with full control of his actions and attack only bad guys with your form. There is only one way to become a werewolf in Skyrim, and that is through the Companions quest line. IF you just get the disease from an actual werewolf, you can not control the transformation. Lord Harkon is the only one that I know of that can change you into a … It took me about 3-4 Quests to actually become a werewolf. Though it is once though you must either be bitten by a werewolf or have a placed with said curse placed on your in order to become a werewolf many other ways are also effective. Google search of "Skyrim werewolf commands" got me this: You don't have to use the werewolf form out of the questline, and you get rid of it or not if you want in the end by recovering an item you can use when you want. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, like in the previous versions of the game, you can become a werewolf, also known as lycanthrope. It is also possible to cure it through the same questline, but you can not become a werewolf again afterwards. To start this quest, you must travel to the Companions’ home, Jorrvaskr, in Whiterun. Join the Companion’s and progress through the storyline until the quest entitled The Silver Hand. Another method involves obtaining Hircine’s Ring—a Daedric artifact granting the player Beast Form. This is a quick guide of how to become a werewolf in skyrim. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; Randomly becoming a werewolf in Skyrim is a great way to make everyone hate you. A werewolf has it's advantage when a vapmire scratches you it does not work because you are a werewolf. Look I just want a step by step process on what commands to enter to make the game fully recognize me as werewolf without having to do the companions missions or get a mod from skyrim nexus, because I am never using nexus. For a complete walkthrough of the werewolf journey, watch part 48 though 52 of James' walkthrough of Skyrim. Also, a good way of curing werewolf is to become a vampire lord, and then curing yourself of it by doing a quick, repeatable quest from falion in morthal. Skyrim How To Become A Werewolf. Which can lead to you transforming into werewolf form in a large city, and you will have like a huge bounty. A werewolf is a human who has the ability to turn into a wolf-like beast.